Rapture Testimonies

2 Rapture dream about Jesus Christ second coming (will there be a second chance if left behind?) Yes!

God Showed Me A Glimpse of The Tribulation

The Rapture is closer than most think l Message from the Lord l He’s coming!

The Lord showed me a vision of the rapture! It’s closer than you think 

Rapture Dream: Prepare

3 Rapture Dreams and 1 Vision

PROPHETIC WARNING DREAM: War and Judgement is coming and it’s coming for the church 1st!

God showed me the Rapture !WARNING!


RAPTURE DREAM 2021 Jesus tells me one thing left before the rapture.

Jesus is coming now! Time is up Rapture dream

My 6 year old daughter rapture dream

End Time Raptured Dream. July 20, 2021. Jesus is coming soon!!!

My Rapture Dream( I got left behind) WARNING FROM JESUS

3rd RAPTURE dream! We are so close!!!

God is warning the church to separate ourselves from people who are tied to the world!!!

My dream last night with the number 7

2 Rapture dreams, Red Sky, 3rd Jonah Sign.

URGENT MESSAGE: My Dream on the RAPTURE & TRIBULATION || Warning Msg from GOD || Jesus is coming ||


Rapture Vision (1)

Rapture Dreams | We Are in The Home Stretch!!

Rapture Dream Rapid Approaching

Dream of Rapture

 Rapture Dream, Fire Falling from the Sky and Wake up warning


Urgent!! Repent and turn away from sin. Be obedient to Jesus and get a personal relationship with Him. Let the doorposts and lintel of your heart be sprinkled with the Blood of the Sacrificial Lamb while it is still spiritually available. He can still help and cover you now. The Door, as it was in the days of Noah, will soon be closed – forever! Please don’t become an eternal object of pity for all creation to gaze at. Don’t play dice with your soul.